Our Mission

The mission of the Community Science Institute (CSI) is to foster and support environmental monitoring by volunteers in order to educate the public about natural resources and to collect scientifically credible data for use in protecting the environment and the sustainable management of natural resources.

How we fulfill our Mission

  • We operate a state-certified water quality testing lab that partners with groups of volunteers to monitor water quality.
  •   Our stream monitoring programs empower local residents to take charge of collecting essential information about water quality that otherwise would not exist.
  • The unique partnership between our lab and volunteer programs allows citizens to engage in monitoring programs that produce reliable, high-quality data that can be used by researchers and government agencies to manage water resources. 
  •  Our certified lab tests water samples for our stream monitoring programs as well as for members of the general public, regulated suppliers, and government agencies.
  •  Our online database holds 10+ years of water quality data for streams, lakes, and private wells in New York state.

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2013 Annual Report

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The Community Science Institute is proud to be a Living Wage Employer.

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